School facilities is a major determining factor toward ensuring quality education. It is one of the yardsticks used in measuring the level of educational growth and development. In Peniel, we have a fully equipped laboratory with a wide variety of learning materials for the students. The theoretical knowledge learnt through books in the class room is justified by practical knowledge through experiments and recreational centers.


"Life's best remembered moments are the times we play, when limbs are light and the eyes bright!"

Academic and moral development is not enough, physical development is also as important as mental growth. A sharp mind functions the best only under the shelter of a strong and active body. Hence every system of education lays much stress on the utility of games and sports in life. Our School has an open playground for students to run and frolic in leisure. The staff and the students make the best use of the ground in the morning and evening hours other than the physical education periods. It helps the students to excel in the field of sports and games.